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How does a juicer squeeze juice?

Although autumn has come quietly, there is still some time before the heat completely dissipates, and we have to continue to rely on cold drinks to survive. Compared with bland boiled water and guilt-filled milk tea and carbonated drinks, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice is obviously more friendly. But the fruit juice bought outside will not only add a lot of sugar, but also can't bear it in your wallet if you drink it often.

Banana Smoothie:
"Juice free" and healthy without burden, the best way is to get a juicer. Let me give you some simple and delicious juice guides!
Throw the banana slices and milk into the juicer, double-click the button to start, and when the blue light starts to light up, turn the cup upside down and shake it gently to make the juice more even. There is no need to add extra water and sugar, because bananas and milk are inherently sweet. If you like a little graininess, don't squeeze it for too long, you can enjoy it after about 15s!

Dragon Fruit Yakult:
Put the Yakult and the cut dragon fruit into the juicer, start the juicer as well, shake it gently during the juice extraction process, and soon the two will be integrated, the dragon fruit and Yakult will taste very smooth together , sweet and sour, very delicious! Again, nothing extra needs to be added.

Kiwi Grapefruit Juice:
Peel and cut the kiwi and grapefruit into the juicer cup, add a small amount of water and honey, and start the juicer. This can be squeezed for a little longer, so that the two can be fully blended. Because both kinds of fruits are sour, adding a little honey will make the taste even better!

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