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Do you know how to choose a juicer?

1. Material: Food-grade 304# stainless steel is the first choice. This material cannot be absorbed by magnets, and is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Plastic and stainless iron materials that can be attracted by magnets, the juice is easily oxidized, and the material is easily corroded, rusted and bacteria by the juice.

2. Power: High-power juicer is the first choice. The higher the power, the faster the speed, the higher the juice yield, and the juicer with a speed greater than 26000 rpm will have more juice!

3. Knife net design: The knife net is an easy-wearing part. The household appliance industry has launched a knife net with a titanium coating, which greatly improves the hardness and service life of the knife net. The diameter of the knife net is also an important indicator. A knife net with a large diameter can continuously maintain the juice output rate, while a knife net with a small diameter is easily blocked by the juice and cannot squeeze juice for a long time.

4. CCC certification: Juicers are mandatory 3C certification products. When purchasing, you must clearly identify whether the product has 3C certification to avoid buying inferior products that may bring safety hazards.

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