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What do you know about how to use a juicer?

1. Align the middle frame vertically with the host, put it down, and assemble it in place.
2. Align the bottom of the juicing net with the motor wheel and press down. Use both hands evenly to confirm that the pressure is in place. Rotate a few times to see if the frame is scratched. (It is disassembled when lifted)
3. Install the top cover and fasten the safety buckle. (When fastening the safety buckle, please fasten the upper part of the buckle first, and then press down to lock it in place. It is just the opposite when removing it. Please open the bottom of the buckle first to open the safety buckle)
4. Try the machine to see if it works normally. If the noise or vibration is too loud, you can reinstall it. Pressing the juicer net in another direction will have a good effect.
5. Peel and remove the cores of vegetables and fruits first, wash and set aside, please cut the ones that are larger than the feeding port into small pieces.
6. Put the juice cup on the juice outlet, and put the large slag collecting bucket on the slag outlet.
7. Turn on the machine, put fruits and vegetables into the juicer, press down with the push rod, and you can squeeze out fresh and delicious juice.
8. After the juice is squeezed out, some juicers have an external juice holding device for the convenience of customers, and they need to pour the juice into their own cups.
9. Pour out the pomace and prepare for cleaning.

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