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How to use a food blender at home and how to make delicious food with it?

When we work as head chefs, food blenders are indispensable for making drinkables. Like the milk tea we usually drink, this appliance is indispensable for smoothies. The function of the blender is somewhat similar to that of the soy milk maker. Both use the blades to grind food, but the blades of the blender are more powerful, the mixing time is greatly shortened, and the methods used are also different. Use a household blender or this small appliance will break. When choosing this tool, how it is used is important. How to use a small household food mixer to make it run quickly? Use it to make soy milk, make fresh juice, make dumpling filling, grind flour, make chili sauce, ice cream, milkshake, sesame paste, etc. It is nutritious and healthy. Ningbo Sunshine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. taught everyone how to use a blender in general, and told you in detail some things to pay attention to during use, so that everyone can make nutritious and healthy drinking products or accessories.

First, wash and dice the food first, and then put the food that cannot be eaten raw into the pot and cook it. If it is ice cubes and peppers, it does not need to be cooked. Like using a blender to make soy milk, you must first heat the beans in a pot. It is best to use an iron wok to heat them. It will not stick. The induction cooker is easy to paste, but it is also possible to cook the food. There are also meats that need to be cooked. These should be cleaned and cooked according to the food you make. Since the typed ones need to be eaten directly, I will not introduce more about this.
Put the blade assembly first, then put the chopped food into the center boss of the chopper cup, then directly into the blender. Put the diced food into the cup, then you can choose to add some auxiliary ingredients to mix and stir, of course, you can also send the auxiliary ingredients after stirring. After stirring, add the seasoning to handle according to your personal taste.
A proper amount of cleaned ingredients have been put into the blender jar, then we add water or milk to the machine, and close the blender jar lid tightly to prevent overflow. Close the lid and place the lid inside the body.
Connect the power, chop the food as needed, press the switch for 10~20 seconds. The meat is generally chopped and stirred for 30 seconds, and vegetables and fruits are only 15 seconds. When performing this step, the maximum working time is only 30 seconds each time you press the button. If the chopping is not completed after 30 seconds, please let the product rest for 2 minutes before continuing to work. This will help the machine run better. Some of the switches of the machine are directly above and some are on the side. When pressing the keys, pay attention to pressing the keys continuously and should not exceed 30 seconds.
After unplugging the power, the stir and beat will come out very quickly. At this time, it is pure natural and no additives. If you only want juice, you can filter it with a fine mesh several times at this time, and there will be no residue left when poured out, and it is delicious to drink.
Rinse the parts of the mixing cup with clean water after drinking. If it is unfortunately spilled into the mixing cup during use, you can disassemble and clean the machine. When cleaning, use a dry wet cloth to gently wipe it. After cleaning, put it in the cabinet or kitchen.