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What causes a household blender not to spin?

The blender has brought great convenience to our life. It can grind meat, mix fruits and whole grains. It can make a lot of delicious food, but the blender, like other household appliances, may also appear various Various problems, such as the common problem is that the blender does not turn, so what is the reason for the household mixer not turning? Let's take a look at it with Ningbo Sunshine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

If the household blender does not turn on, first check whether the power socket is powered on. If there is no electricity, the blender will definitely not work; also, it depends on whether the switch of the cooking machine is turned on. If it is not turned on, it will definitely not work; The rod is not installed properly, and the mixer has safety protection devices, and it will not rotate if there is an abnormality.

If these are normal, it is recommended to take it to a professional maintenance personnel for overhaul, and do not disassemble the blender without authorization to avoid more serious damage. Many mixers are caused by a partial short circuit of the motor rotor or a short circuit of the commutator, because if the mixer works for too long, the motor temperature will rise too high, so do not use the mixer for too long each time.

What everyone needs to pay attention to is that before using the blender, it must be installed in place before it can be used safely. After the mixer is used up, it must be cleaned in time. When cleaning, you can put a few drops of detergent and appropriate warm water. The detergent can not be put too much, then directly turn on the blender, let it start to stir, stir for a few minutes, and then use the flowing water. Wash it with water and let it dry in a ventilated place.