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What's the difference between a home blender and a food processor?

A food processor and a blender are similar in function. The blender is to stir and crush the food, and if there is a filter, it can also squeeze the juice; and the food processor is to process the food, such as juice, soy milk, milkshake, shaved ice, etc. If you are at home, a food processor is enough.

For hand blender
A household hand blender is an auxiliary tool specially set up for the kitchen. It can be used to mince meat and vegetables to make dumplings, or to grind and mince peppers to make sauces, etc. Some families can also use the powerful blade of the blender to make cream. So make some homemade cakes and snacks for the baby to eat. All in all, hand mixers can meet the needs of household food mixing. Different mixers are used in different ways. Generally speaking, the food is cut into pieces and placed in a container, then the blades are assembled, and the lid of the blender is covered. Pull the handle by hand. , Continuously flip the ingredients when chopping food, which can play a better stirring effect.
It should be noted that after using the blender, it is necessary to clean the blades so that the blades of the blender will remain sharp and will be easy to use. For families with babies, it is also important to keep the blender out of the baby's reach to prevent the child from being scratched by the blade.

What are the uses of a kitchen blenders
There are still many uses for the kitchen blenders. Usually in the kitchen, it is mainly used to stir minced meat, minced vegetables, etc. For example, when making dumplings or meatballs, you can cut the meat into small pieces and put them in the blender to make Meat filling, and vegetable leaves can also be added to make fruit salad, which is an auxiliary tool for cooking babies. And everyone knows that you can't carry some harmful and toxic items on the train, but kitchen mixers are household furniture products, and there is no danger. Generally speaking, you can take them on the train without worrying about being intercepted. , and if it is a relatively large mixer, it can also be transported by consignment, which is more convenient and safe to carry.
There are also various types and styles of kitchen blenders. Consumers can choose according to their own needs when purchasing. Large kitchen mixers can stir larger pieces of meat, and the horsepower of the motor is relatively strong, while small kitchen blenders The blender is compact and easy to carry, suitable for everyday household use.