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Do I need to buy a juicer?

The main function of the juicer is to stir, squeeze, etc. The juice extracted is more nutritious and tastes better than the purchased juice. Because of the convenience of operation, low price, fresh products, and the ability to adjust beverage ingredients according to their own preferences, more and more consumers choose to use juicers to make beverages.

I don't know how many people have noticed that the so-called "juice drinks" sold in the market often have small characters marked "concentrated reduction" - fruit concentrate + water + sugar + other elements (preservatives, pigments, thickeners, etc.) Blending goods. Most of the original juice content of such beverages is about 10% to 30%. Not only does it contain a lot of sugar and additives, but also it is often accompanied by repeated high-temperature sterilization during the processing process, making it difficult for the nutrients to be truly "fresh".

Do-it-yourself, vegetable juice prepared with a juicer has at least three benefits: safety, freedom, and balance. No additives, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and can be used to make beverages or soups and dishes. It does not involve too many industrial processes, and the nutrients are preserved to the greatest extent.

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