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What are the health tips for juice from a juicer?

Health tips for juice from a juicer:
1. If the stomach is too sensitive or dry, the juice must be diluted. (Juice: Water = 3:1) The effect of adding celery juice is also good.
2. Keep the stems and leaves of the vegetables, because the stems and leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, (but the tops of the carrots must be removed, which can easily lead to kidney stones).
3. It is best to drink the prepared juice within an hour, otherwise it will be easily oxidized when exposed to the air, resulting in a sour taste.
4. If you must make the juice in advance, put it in the refrigerator, or immediately divide it into a daily portion and put it in the freezer, and drink it immediately after melting the ice.
5. Do not remove the white fiber of citrus, which contains healthy bioflavonoids
6. Adding lemon juice can preserve the natural color of the juice and avoid the oxidation of the basic ingredients
7. If you want to lose weight, you should focus on vegetable juice, because vegetable juice has fewer calories than fruits.

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