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Do you know how to choose a household electric blender?

Some people may have had such an experience, the meat bought from the store, just to save the trouble, just stir it there. Have you thought about it? Although it is more convenient to use the meat grinder on the meat stall, it is impossible to do frequent cleaning work, and the hidden germs in the machine are stirred into the meat, and it is unsanitary for us to eat. Therefore, for the sake of food hygiene, why not use a blender to blend it yourself, which is not only healthy, but can also blend other foods.

1. When choosing a blender, the first step is to look at its outer packaging and whether there is a necessary product identification. Generally, the products produced by regular manufacturers should include: the name of the company, the address of the manufacturer, specifications (for example: how much capacity to install), product Model, trademark, voltage rating, power usage, power supply properties, etc. In addition to these, there should also be an operation manual, which should give a detailed introduction to the specific use steps, so that we can avoid wrong operations when using the food processor.

2. Food-grade plastic materials Of course, when we choose a food processor, on the one hand, we will pay attention to the materials it uses, because it is in direct contact with food, will it emit harmful substances during use, and the second is the impact of processed food. Does the taste matter? Therefore, the requirements for it should be strict. If it is made of plastic, it is best to buy food-grade plastic.

3. Another factor that affects the purchase of a blender is whether the blade can be removed after stirring the food, so that it can be easily cleaned, and it can also be kept clean and hygienic.

4. The rotation speed may be different for the food we stir, and the power used is also different. In this regard, it is best to choose a mixer with multiple different speeds, so that you can mix different foods for cooking and meet different needs.

5. Cleaning should be convenient After use, it is best to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of it. So, is it convenient to clean up at this time? When choosing a cooking machine, you should think about the problems that will be encountered during this use. However, it should be noted that it is forbidden to wash the relevant devices of the motor with water, in order to prevent short-circuiting of the electrical appliances, and there is a danger of electric leakage.

6. Safety If the lid cannot be closed well when stirring the fruit, it will make juice everywhere. Therefore, it is recommended that the blender you choose should have a safety lock. During use, the lid will be firmly locked, not only to prevent splashing, but also to ensure our safety.
7. The base Everyone should know that during the process of using the mixer, its motor will heat up. Therefore, can the cooking machine dissipate the heat in time, and is there a cooling system? This is more critical. Try to choose a mixer with better heat dissipation, and its base should also be non-slip, so that it is much more stable when working.

After using the blender, first press the stop button and wait until the rotation of the blade stops completely, then take out the food inside, so as to ensure our safety.