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How to choose the material of the juicer?

In the huge market of mainland China, the juicer industry is in a period of rapid growth. The penetration rate of juicers in my country is still very low, but they have gradually become familiar to consumers, and sales have grown rapidly.
There are two main types of consumer groups for juicers: one is families with children or the elderly. Children are picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth. Juicing by themselves can satisfy them with sufficient nutrition; the other is the pursuit of fashion and life. For young people with taste, the juicer meets their needs of advocating individual tastes. With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers' mentality has begun to transition from the most basic needs of life to a nutritious and healthy taste life, which provides the possibility for the more popularization of juicers.

Fruits and vegetables are the main foods for human intake of vitamins. Studies have shown that people who eat fruits and vegetables regularly have a higher health status than those who do not like fruits and vegetables. Especially in the prevention of diseases, fruits and vegetables also have an irreplaceable role, which is really part of a healthy diet. Excellent. Although fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, many people do not like to eat them directly. Therefore, many families are equipped with juicers to solve health problems. 
The selection of juicer materials is also very important. At present, the main materials of portable juicers are: glass, PC, PCTG
The texture of glass is relatively strong, but it is heavy and easy to break; PC contains bisphenol A, and many manufacturers have chosen other materials to replace it; PCTG is often out of stock and the price is unstable. The new material transparent nylon introduced by our company can replace PC/PCTG.

Features of transparent nylon:
1. The chemical resistance of PA12 is excellent;
2. Good flow performance, fast and good film formation;
3. The transparency is as high as 92%, which is more transparent than the counterpart materials;
4. Low density. The density of PA12 is 1.01-1.03, which is the smallest among all engineering plastics, which plays a certain role in reducing the weight of the product; two materials of the same weight, the material with lower density can make the same product with less material → capacity will be more → so the profit will increase accordingly;
5. High temperature resistance, can reach 150 ℃ temperature resistance;
6. Relevant certification: FDA/REACH/ROHS and other certifications.
7. The processing technology is similar to PCTG. If the manufacturer has been using PCTG before, it is almost unnecessary to change it.