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How to use the blender?

1 First, wash the food and cut into pieces, then put the food that cannot be eaten raw into the pot
and cook it. If it is ice cubes and chili, it does not need to be cooked. Like using a blender to beat
soy milk, you must first pour the beans into the pot and heat it. It is best to use a wok for cooking.
It will not stick. It will be easy to stick when heated by an induction cooker. However, it is also
possible to cook the food. There are also meats that need to be cooked. The ones that should be
cleaned and cooked are determined by the food you make. Since the ones that are typed are to be eaten
directly, I won't introduce this.

2 Put the blade assembly first, then put the chopped food into the center boss of the chopping cup,
and then directly put it into the blender. Put the diced food into the cup. At this time, you can
choose to add some auxiliary ingredients to mix and stir. Of course, you can also send the auxiliary
ingredients after stirring. After stirring, add the seasoning and handle it according to your personal

3 The appropriate amount of cleaned ingredients has been put into the mixing cup, and then we add
water or milk into the machine, and cover the mixing cup tightly to prevent overflow. Close the lid
and place the lid in the body.

4 Connect the power, chop the food as required, press the switch for 10-20 seconds. Meat is generally
chopped and stirred for 30 seconds, while vegetables and fruits can be used for 15 seconds. During
this operation, the longest working time each time you press the key is no more than 30 seconds. If
the shredding is not completed after 30 seconds, please let the product rest for 2 minutes before
continuing to work. This is conducive to better operation of the machine. Some of the switches of the
machine are directly above and others are on the side. When pressing the keys, be sure to press the
keys continuously and should not exceed 30 seconds.

5 Unplug the power supply after completion, and the output of the mixing will come out soon. At this
time, it is purely natural and without additives. If only juice is required, you can filter it with a
fine mesh several times at this time, and there will be no residue left on the poured out.

6 Rinse the parts of the mixing cup with clean water after drinking. If accidentally spilled into the
mixing cup during use, the machine can be disassembled and cleaned. When cleaning, use a dry damp
cloth to gently wipe it, and put it in the cabinet after wiping. Or the kitchen.