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How to use the juicer?

Step 1: Place the middle frame of the juicer vertically, then align it with the host, and install the device.
Step 2: After the assembly is complete, align the bottom of the juicer net with the motor wheel of the juicer, and then press it. When pressing, the force must be even to ensure that the press is in place, and then rotate it manually. Check whether it can be scraped to the middle rack.   

Step 3: Install the top cover of the juicer and fasten the safety buckle.   

Step 4: Turn on the juicer and see if it can work properly.
Step 5: Remove the skins of the prepared fruits and vegetables, and cut the larger ones with a knife and put them in.
Step 6: After putting in the fruit, turn on the juicer and put down the push rod.
Step 7: After the fruit is fried into juice, it is ready to drink.