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Is the juicer manual or electric better?

Which juicer is better to buy? Is a manual juicer really inferior to an electric juicer? The following is the difference between the two, you can choose your favorite juicer after reading it!

1. Compared with an electric juicer, the biggest difference between a manual juicer and an electric juicer is that it has no blades and cannot quickly mash the pulp. Therefore, the manual juicer is not as fast as an electric juicer.

2. The manual juicer squeezes the juice by squeezing, while the electric juicer squeezes the juice by crushing the pulp. Compared with the two, the manual juicer can retain the nutrients in the fruit better.

3. The juice yield of a manual juicer is higher than that of an electric juicer, because the manual juicer is a squeezing type of juice, the juice will be squeezed out, and the electric juicer is a stirring type of juice, the pulp is not stirred The possibility of crushing is very high, so the juice yield will be reduced.

4. The manual juicer does not have a motor, and the noise is very small when used, while the electric juicer has a motor, which will be noisy when it is used, and the noise will be loud when it fails.