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The juice produced by the vegetable and fruit juicer is safer and healthier!

With the improvement of people's dietary consumption concept, freshly squeezed raw juice will replace carbonated beverages as people's main drink.

The vegetable and fruit juicer is a production machine for green drinks. The juice squeezed out by this machine is pure raw juice. Its major feature is that the juice does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizers, pigments, flavors, Water, etc., are essentially different from the existing concentrated juice, canned, bottled, flexible packaged, powdered and granular flushed juices on the market.

So, how to choose a good juicer? Aiming at problems such as the loss of juice nutrition and bad taste caused by high speed, I began to seek answers in nature. Forty years of painstaking research, and finally found that the best way is to squeeze the juice slowly under high pressure. In 1974, the screw propeller came out, and a glass of original juice with natural nutrition and delicious taste was born, officially launching a revolution to the traditional high-speed juicing method.

Fruit and vegetable juicer slow pressing technology is a juice extraction method derived from a lemon squeezer, which squeezes fresh fruits and vegetables at a slow speed under high pressure to squeeze out the original fruit and vegetable juice. Relying on the internal screw propeller to rotate at a low speed, the ingredients are squeezed and ground finely, and the fruit and vegetable juices are "screwed". Using a propeller instead of a blade can reduce a lot of friction, and at the same time maintain a vacuum extrusion state with the ingredients, which fundamentally prevents the generation of instant heat and the entry of air, thus ensuring the nutrition and taste of the juice.

Based on the needs of healthy development, amidst the noisy market, "slow work and slow grinding" with concentration, and constantly strive for perfection in details. The ULTEM material is used in the industry. This food-grade material used in spacecraft has many advantages such as safety, health, strong resistance, durability, and corrosion resistance.

From the filter screen to the separator, all parts in contact with food of the vegetable and fruit juicer use ULTEM, which effectively prevents the juice from being "contaminated" by the materials of the juicer body. There is another detail worth mentioning. The large-diameter body of the vegetable and fruit juicer has not been released, because some fruit parts, such as apple cores, contain toxins, and it is not suitable to put them into juice. It is this pursuit of detail and quality that makes the juice produced by the vegetable and fruit juicer safer and healthier.

The fruit and vegetable juicer is suitable for small drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, card halls, tea shows, coffee houses, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

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