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How does a glass juicer produce high-quality citrus juice?

A cup juicer is a citrus juicer that uses the whole fruit for juice, as opposed to a half-cut juicer. Using instant separation technology, the substances and environment that may have adverse effects on the juice are isolated, so that the produced juice has the best quality. The stainless steel pipeline system is used to transport the juice to ensure good hygienic standards. The cup juicer is suitable for squeezing and extracting juice from citrus fruits such as sweet orange, satsuma mandarin, tangerine, lemon, etc., especially for NFC orange juice. After the raw materials enter the cup juicer, four different products can be output, which are juice, fruit peel, seed capsule and skin oil mixture.

Pressing process:
1. The upper squeeze cup moves down, and the citrus keeps the shape of the cup finger
2. The deformation of the peel causes the oil glands to rupture and release oil
3. A round peel is cut off by the lower cutter, and a round hole is opened at the bottom of the citrus
4. Internal components (juice, pulp, valves, core, seeds) pass through the lower cutter
5. As the pressure increases, a round piece of skin is cut out by the upper cutter on the top of the citrus
6. The peel begins to discharge through the gap around the upper cutter
7. The through-hole tube in the filter tube starts to rise
8. The upper cutter forms a closure on the upper part of the lower cutter
9. The through-hole tube continues to rise and compress the part in the filter tube
10. The pulp and juice are pressed out through the holes on the filter tube, and the core, valves and seeds are pressed into the through hole tube
11. The material squeezed last time is pressed out from the through-hole pipe

1. Cup press, high juice yield, low bitterness, high quality;
2. Configure the automatic cleaning interface to clean the sprinkler head, with a high degree of automation;
3. Fault automatic shutdown, air pressure monitoring, sound and light alarm, to ensure safety;
4. Beautiful appearance.