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What are the benefits of a juicer?

1. Use a juicer to extract the juice of fresh fruits, which can be strawberries, grapefruit, etc., not only can you eat fresh fruits, but also fully absorb the nutrients in fresh fruits, and it can be beneficial to gastrointestinal motility and improve the health of the human body. Digestive capacity.

2. Use a juicer to extract the vegetable juice of fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, celery, etc., which not only makes the vegetables more delicious, but also absorbs the nutrients in them more quickly.

3. To make soymilk, soak the soy food in water and stir it with a juicer to make soymilk more delicious. It can extract mung beans, red beans and other foods, which is of great help to human health.

4. You can store boiled water. When the juicer is not used, you can pour an appropriate amount of boiled water into the juicer. When you drink water, you can drink it directly.