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What are the functions of the juicer?

1. The function of the juicer
(1)Single function juicer
  Single-function juicer is also called a juicer, it can make pure juice, it can quickly crush
fruits and vegetables, and finally
   is beaten into pure juice. Under the action of centrifugal force, the juicer rotates at a high
speed, and at the same time, the pomace is discharged, leaving fresh juice. The function of a single-
function juicer is to make very pure juice.
(2) blender
The blender is operated by a motor. The motor drives the blades in the blender to rotate at a high
speed, thereby crushing the food in the blender. It is also called a food blender. It can make soy
milk, grind food, and mash meat, etc. , These are the functions of the blender.
   2. The magical effect of a juicer
(1) Use a juicer to squeeze the juice of fresh fruits, which can be strawberries, grapefruits, etc.,
not only can you eat fresh fruits, but also can fully absorb the nutrients in the fresh fruits, but
also can help the peristalsis of the stomach and improve the human body Digestibility.
(2) Use a juicer to squeeze the vegetable juice of fresh vegetables. You can squeeze cucumber,
celery, etc., which will not only make the vegetables more delicious, but also absorb the nutrients
more quickly.
(3) Make soy milk. After soaking the soy food in water, use a juicer to stir the soy milk to make
the soy milk more delicious. You can squeeze mung beans, red beans and other foods, which is of great
help to people's health.
(4) It can store boiled water. When the juicer is not needed, you can pour an appropriate amount of
boiled water into the juicer. When you drink the water, you can drink it directly.