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What kind of juicer is better to use?

Choosing a juicer is not as simple as you think. In the selection process, there are many details to
pay attention to, so that easy-to-use and affordable products are easy to buy. How to choose a juicer?
What juicer is easy to use? Everyone may wish to continue to look at the shopping guide:
1. the juicer is easy to operate, safe and reliable. The blade must be safe when the blade is rotating
at high speed. It is best to have a safety lock function. When the accessory is abnormal, it can be
started in time, or when the machine is not working, it can automatically alarm.
2. the juicer squeezes juice quickly and is easy to clean. Juicing time should not be too long each
time, otherwise, people will be impatient to wait, in addition, after juicing, the internal residue
should be cleaned up. If the juicer is easy to clean, it is beneficial and harmless to many people.
3. the juicer has multiple functions and good results. The main function of a juicer is to extract
juice, but in addition to extracting juice, it also has other functions. When buying, you can ask the
clerk to understand clearly, and let the clerk demonstrate and test the effect of each function.
4. the quality of the parts of the juicer should be high-quality, especially the blade, the quality is
more important. When buying, check carefully to distinguish the quality of the juicer. If there is a
problem with the core components, you must not buy it, otherwise you will regret it in the future.
5. when the juicer rotates, the speed should be fast and stable, it should not vibrate too much, and
there should be no strong noise. It is best to start it and try it, and then consider whether to buy
it after it stops naturally.
6. the outer casing of the juicer should be good without scratches. Many people did not carefully
check the appearance of an electrical appliance when they bought it. They found that it was damaged
only after they came back, but at this time the salesperson has not allowed you to replace it, so you
are the one who loses. It is recommended to take a closer look at the time of purchase to ensure that
the appearance of the juicer is correct.