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What are the instructions for using the juicer?

Instructions for use of juicer

1. There are two types of fruit juicers. The first one is after stirring, the juice and the residue are separated. Drink the juice without the residue. The second is to add water and stir. The squeezed juice is that the juice and residue are together and can be drunk together. See what you wrote is that the squeezed out is puree. It may be the second type. When squeezing the apple, you must add the right amount of water to make the juice.

2. Use a blender to make freshly squeezed juice (tomato juice, strawberry juice, banana milkshake, mango milkshake, similar to farmer’s orchard juice). The position of the juicer should not be tilted, and it should be placed firmly without looseness. The location is not good, it's best to change to another place.

3. Before use, check whether the props and filter of the juicer are firmly installed, and then install the cup firmly and confirm that the food or fruit should be cut into pieces suitable for the entrance of the juicer before juicing. Put it in the juicer.
Plug in the power before juicing, be sure to connect it firmly. Start the machine and confirm that the motor can run normally.

4. Push the food into the cup, maintain a constant speed, and avoid moving too fast or too violently to avoid danger. After the food is processed, unplug the power first, and then pour out the processed food.

5. Carefully clean the internal and external components of the juicer, but avoid water flow into the motor. Place the juicer in a ventilated place away from direct sunlight to completely dry it in the shade.