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How to clean the juicer easily and quickly?

How to clean the juicer easily and quickly?

Method 1: Prepare one or two egg shells, break them into small pieces and put them in the juicer, put in a proper amount of water, start the machine to stir, pay attention to not too long, and finally turn off the power, rinse with water.

Method 2: Add one-third of warm water and detergent into the machine, plug in the power and stir for 30 seconds, turn off the power and rinse with clean water to dry.

Method 3: This method is more suitable for use when minced meat. When we usually minced meat, we need to put more oil to reduce the viscosity of the minced meat. After stirring, add the leftover dried steamed bun residue and stir to directly remove the residue adsorbed on it.

Method 4: After cleaning the dry ground pepper aniseed, the fine powder will gather on the cutter head, which is more difficult to clean. At this time, you need to use detergent. Drop some of it in, wipe it with a dry cloth, and finally use boiling water. Scalding, this will dissolve the powder of the knife head, and it will be very convenient to clean up.

Method 5: When we are squeezing juice, we will find that a lot of pulp will be blocked at the knife head. What we have to do at this time is to gently pull out the pulp fiber along the direction of the blade, and then gently use a steel wire ball. Just brush it.

There are many fruits that can be squeezed with a juicer, such as apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc., but you should pay attention to fruits such as bananas and oranges before squeezing the juice. Squeeze the skin together and cause the juice to have a bitter taste. When squeezing the juice, it is best to cut the fruit into small pieces first, which can speed up the juice extraction rate and make the squeezed juice more delicate and smooth. After learning the correct way to use the juicer, go and try to squeeze a glass of juice.