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What are the introductions about household blenders?

Household Blender - introduction to household blender
A small machine that can realize the stirring of various fruits and vegetables, so as to squeeze out fresh and delicious juice and vegetable juice. The working principle of the food mixer is that the blade at the bottom of the mixing cup rotates at a high speed, and the food is repeatedly broken under the action of the water flow. The food mixer is an all-gear transmission structure, and its power transmission system has a high standard design, high strength, high technical requirements, smooth operation, strong and durable. It can be used for stirring cream, cake liquid, filling, beating eggs and making dough, etc.

Household Blender - introduction to the classification features of household blenders
The machine has three stirring speeds, and is equipped with a wire egg beater, a beat-shaped beater and a spiral dough mixer. It can be used for stirring cream, cake liquid, filling and dough making operations. There are machines with three-phase power supply and single-phase power supply, please choose according to the requirements.
The machine has reasonable design, neat appearance, small size, light weight and low noise. High efficiency, simple operation, convenient cleaning, cleanliness, and good feedback from users. It is suitable for restaurants, restaurants, bakeries and food manufacturers to stir food and knead dough. It is an ideal equipment for producing high-quality cakes.

Household Blender - Precautions for Household Blender
(1) The power socket should have a reliable ground wire, and the power supply voltage should be consistent with the rated voltage.
(2) The correct stirring device and stirring speed should be selected according to the material to be stirred.
a. Mix flour: Serpentine stirring rod, I low speed.
b. Mix the stuffing mixture: beat the mixer, the second gear, medium speed.
c. Mixing egg liquid: bud-shaped beater, gear III high speed.
(3) After stirring, pull the lifting handle to lower the mixing barrel to the lowest position, remove the mixer, and then remove the mixing barrel.
(4) Stop the machine before shifting, and do not shift during operation to avoid damage to the gears.
(5) The gearbox should be replaced with grease once a year.