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What kind of juice does the juicer squeeze?

There is a juicer at home. When you are free, you can buy some fruit and come back to squeeze juice. Especially when the guests come, it is not bad to squeeze a glass of juice for the guests to drink. What kind of juice can the juicer squeeze? Which juice is better to drink with a juicer? You may wish to take a look below:

1. Lemon orange juice
Ingredients: Oranges, Lemons, Rock Sugar, Honey.
Production method: Peel the orange, take out the pulp, then put it in a juicer and add water to squeeze it into juice, remember not to use too much water, so as not to dilute the taste of the orange. Then wash the lemons, slice them, and put them in the orange juice. If you like sweet, you can add a little sugar or honey for a good taste.

2. Kiwi pear juice
Materials: kiwi, green pears, cold water, colorful sugar.
Production method: Clean the kiwi fruit, cut off the head and tail, cut it in half, and put it in the juicer. Next, put in the peeled and diced green Sydney pears and squeeze the juice together. After pressing, pour it into a cup, match it with colorful sugar, and a cup of delicious and nutritious kiwi pear juice is done.

3. Sweet watermelon juice
Ingredients: Watermelon, Sugar.
Production method: Cut the watermelon into small pieces, put it into the juicer and squeeze the juice directly. After pressing, pour it into a cup, add a little sugar, and you can drink it. The taste is quite good. Drink a glass of watermelon juice in summer to cool off the heat.

4. Sweet orange apple juice
Ingredients: Oranges, Apples, Lemons.
Production method: Wash the oranges and apples, then cut them into small pieces, put them in a juicer, and squeeze them together. After stopping, pour the juice into a glass, add lemon, and drink. Many women love to drink it because sweet orange apple juice has the effect of losing weight.