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What can a manual juicer squeeze?

Drinking a cup of delicious juice in the morning can promote gastrointestinal motility, what a healthy life. And these juices do not need to go to the supermarket to buy, you can squeeze it at home by yourself. Therefore, manual juicers are used more and more frequently, they can squeeze the original juice. So what exactly can a manual juicer squeeze? Next, Ningbo Sunshine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. will take you to find the answer!

First. Purchase of manual juicer
1. Look at the appearance
Manual juicers do not require electricity and are safer, so children can also juice alone. Therefore, everyone should consider their appearance design when purchasing, and choose a style that meets children's preferences.
2. Look at the material
In order to ensure that the whole family can drink healthy juice, when you choose a manual juicer, you must ensure that the ingredients are safe and non-toxic.
3. Look at the juicing technology
The juicing technology of the manual juicer directly affects the taste of the squeezed juice. In order to obtain a delicate and original taste, everyone must also consider this factor when purchasing.
4. Look at the difficulty of cleaning
Many people are too lazy to clean the juicer after enjoying the perfect juice, especially for the more difficult to clean machines. Therefore, when purchasing a manual juicer, you should also consider whether it has the characteristics of easy cleaning.

Second.The advantages of manual juicer
The manual juicer squeezes out the juice, which can well retain the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables, and the taste is relatively pure. At the same time, its juice yield is higher than that of electric juicers, which can generally be increased by 10%. Since it has no motor, it makes no noise. In addition, the structure is simple, the cleaning is convenient, and the utility model is safe and reliable.

Third.What can a manual juicer squeeze
The manual juicer squeezes juice at a low speed, and the juice yield is not high, and not all fruits can be squeezed. It can squeeze almost all hard fruits such as watermelon juice, apple juice, carrot juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice, etc. At the same time, it can also squeeze out a healthy drink, namely wheatgrass juice. But it should be noted that it cannot squeeze sugar cane.