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What can the multi-function mixer mix at home? How to make salad?

Nowadays, many people like to make their own food at home, and various mixers on the market just meet people's needs. It is very convenient to use a mixer to replace manual food mixing. Some friends also raised such doubts: This multifunctional blender can be used at home to mix anything and how to make salads? Next, Ningbo Sunshine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. will share with you.

The multi-function blender has a wider range of uses than ordinary mixers. It can not only be used to mix vegetables and fruits, but also can be used to make mashed potatoes, soy milk, and rice cereal for babies. It is very convenient to use in daily households. Can make a lot of small food. When making a salad with a multi-function mixer, prepare some necessary materials first, such as cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion, etc., and then put the cut into the mixer directly, and choose a low speed for mixing. The vegetable leaves will not be too broken, and the taste is better. Of course, friends who like to eat broken can also stir for a longer time. After stirring, salad oil, lemon juice or honey can be mixed and drizzled over the vegetables for a delicious and healthy salad.

Remember to clean up the multi-function mixer after use, so that it is not easy to leave some food residues inside, which can breed bacteria and other harmful substances, and make people's lives more hygienic and healthy.