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What are the functions of a household blenders?

1. Making soymilk: After soaking an appropriate amount of dry beans in water for an hour, pour it into a soymilk cup fitted with a strainer, add water to a suitable position below the relatively large water mark of the soymilk cup, start the machine, and start crushing. The clear water quickly turned white and cloudy, and the concentration became higher and higher.
2. Grinding: There are often times when grinding is needed at home, such as the commonly used seasoning pepper noodles, chili noodles, etc. There are also accessories for certain dishes, such as rice noodles for steamed pork, and soybean noodles for Korean rice cakes or Sichuan glutinous rice cakes. , all need to use the grinding function of the mixer. It can be said that the grinding function provides the possibility to make more professional dishes at home.
3. Minced meat: The minced meat function of the mixer is generally suitable for grinding a small amount of minced meat for making meatballs, dumpling fillings and other foods.
4. Making juice: But the pure juice made by the juicer cannot be compared, because the juice produced by the blender is not pure juice, and also contains pulp in the juice. When using a blender to make juice, we usually add milk or other beverages to make a cup of mixed juice, and use a filter to filter the pulp to get a cup of purer juice.