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What else do you know about juicers?

Fruits and vegetables are the main foods for human intake of vitamins. Studies have shown that people who eat fruits and vegetables regularly have a higher health status than those who do not like fruits and vegetables. Especially in the prevention of diseases, fruits and vegetables also play an irreplaceable role, which is really part of a healthy diet. Excellent. Although fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, many people do not like to eat them directly. Therefore, many families are equipped with juicers to solve health problems.

A juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into fruit and vegetable juice, which is small and can be used at home. It was invented as early as 1930 by Dr. Norman Walker, who is famous for inventing the world's first juicer and known as the father of active juicers. On this basis, the designers later improved juicers of different styles and principles.

There are two main types of consumer groups for juicers: one is families with children or the elderly. Children are picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth. Juicing by themselves can satisfy them with sufficient nutrition; the other is the pursuit of fashion and life. For young people with taste, the juicer meets their needs of advocating individual tastes.

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