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Function introduction of multifunctional juicer!

Juicer Features: Compared to traditional juicers, today's multifunctional juicers are more functional and more popular with families.

Juicer function: This juicer has functional options such as soybean milk maker, blender, dry grinder, etc. Compared with single-function juicer, its functions are more diverse and more suitable for the needs of modern households.

The function of the juicer: a single function juicer
There are pure juicing and food crushing as the main function, and the price is relatively low. Because some fruits and vegetables have more fiber components, such as sugar cane, carrots, etc., this juicer can use the effect of efficient separation to separate the juice from the residue, which can more completely and effectively help the human body absorb the nutrients of vegetables and fruits.

The function of the juicer: multifunctional fruit and vegetable juicer
It integrates a juice machine, a juicer, a grinder and a soy milk maker. It can make milkshakes, minced pulp, and stir. Through the combination of multiple cutter heads, it can realize most of the functions required by ordinary households. The outer wall of the functional area is made of plastic. The multi-functional design is very economical in line with the needs of modern people.

The function of the juicer: multifunctional fruit and vegetable juicer
There are also some multi-functional juicers that can not only squeeze fresh vegetable juices, but also squeeze soy milk, ground meat, grind chili powder, and grind various beans and rock sugar that have not been soaked. If you like to drink soy milk or fresh juice, or if you often cook your own meals, a juicer is a good choice. It is inexpensive and cost-effective. In addition to drinking fresh soy milk every day, you can also squeeze some celery carrot juice or tomato juice to drink, which is more convenient when cooking.