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What are the 4 differences between a juicer and a soy milk maker?

1. The purpose of the product is different
Most of the so-called juicers can be used for stirring and juicing, and the juice extracted is more nutritious and tastes better than the purchased juice. To put it simply, a juicer can juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and does not provide the function of cooking.
The soymilk machine is controlled by a microcomputer, which realizes the full automation of the preheating, beating, cooking and delayed cooking processes, making the soymilk more nutritious and more fragrant.

2. The function of the product is different
The soymilk machine can only process soymilk, but the soymilk machine is intelligent in processing soymilk. As long as you put the soaked beans in, add water, plug in the electricity, turn on the switch, and leave it alone, it heats, smashes, and cooks by itself. , as long as you wait for a while, you can drink it directly. But the soymilk machine can't fry the juice.
A juicer can be used to make soymilk, but the soymilk made by a juicer must not only soak the beans first, but also manually boil it before drinking it. The general juicer not only has the functions of stirring and breaking, but also the functions of ground meat and flour, which are not available in soymilk machines.
3. The operation mode of the product is different
①The operation steps of the soymilk machine are usually as follows: wash and soak the beans → add beans and water to the cup → install the Rafal net → check the installation → put the machine head into the cup → plug in the power cord → press the corresponding button → start making soymilk. In the process of making soymilk, the soymilk machine generally follows the following steps: heating → pre-beating → beating → cooking → anti-overflow and extended cooking → power failure alarm. The above cooking part usually takes about 20 minutes.
②The operation steps of the juicer are usually as follows: determine the position of the juicer → install the cutter and filter → put the pre-cut food or fruit → turn on the power → start the machine → push the food into the cup → finish processing → pull out Turn off the power → pour out the food.
4. Different working principles
①The working principle of the juicer is as follows: the high-speed centrifugal juicer uses the knife net to smash the fruit at a high speed of several thousand revolutions per minute, and the strong centrifugal force makes the juice flow into the juice cup, while the fruit residue is thrown into Receiving slag bucket. The vulgar squeezing juicer relies on an internal screw to rotate at a low speed of 80 rpm to squeeze and grind the fruit, the juice flows out through the filter screen, and the fruit residue is discharged from the slag discharge port. When the food processor is in use, it is necessary to add water. The blade at the bottom of the mixing cup rotates at a high speed, and the food is repeatedly broken under the action of the water flow.
②The working principle of the soymilk machine: Generally, the fully automatic process of preheating, beating, and boiling of the soymilk machine is controlled by the relevant feet of the MCU, driven by the corresponding transistors, and then implemented by a relay group composed of multiple relays to implement circuit conversion.

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