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What delicious food can you make with a juicer?

The juicer can do the following:

Raw materials: Juicer, fruits and vegetables.
1. Fresh fruit juice, single-color fruit and vegetable juice, and two-color mixed juice: cut the fruit, match it according to a certain proportion, and squeeze out fresh and delicious juice at low speed;
2. Banana milk: Put bananas and milk into the juicer one after another, close the seasoning valve, and you can make banana milk;
3. Soymilk tofu: After soaking the beans, put them in the juicer, and then use a special tofu box to make delicious soymilk tofu;
4. Jam: put the fruit into the squeeze and add an appropriate amount of sugar, and combine them to make jam;
5. Complementary food for baby: Soak sticky millet and rice well, add appropriate amount of water and put it in the juicer to make supplementary food that is beneficial to baby's nutrition.

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